Monday, January 29, 2007

Sunset in Neve Daniel

Just because....

Medical Monday....Vol I ( List Edition)

David Bogner at Treppenwitz has inspired me with his "Photo Friday" to Introduce.... "Medical Monday"...

Here is quick piece of advice if you ever need to visit an emergency room or clinic, Please, please bring a list of your medications and dosages ( your pharmacist will print you out a nice list if you ask).
Here are some examples of answers ive gotten when asking about regular medications

- I take the red one, the green one and the one that looks like a bumblebee

- Oy docter, I take the pression pill, the sugar pill, the water pill and the one that looks like a bumblebee.

- Me: any regular medications
Patient: No, I hate medications
Me: what about aspirin
Patient : oh yeah every morning
Me: dont you have diabtes
Patient: oh yeah, im on high doses of insulin

A list of your medications will be very appreciated and will not only move things along faster but will help your physcian provide you with the best care possible.

Oh and P.S. high blood pressure and diabetes are medical problems!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Welcome to the real world....

I always wondered why aliyah just isn't on the "radar" for so many peopel and yet for others like myself it takes center stage. There are so many people in our "Dati Tzioni" community for whom making aliyah is just totally not something they would ever consider. We all went to the same or simmilar high schools. We all had the same education, so why is aliyah such a "splinter in the mind" for some.

The more i though about it, the more i thought of the movie " The matrix".

For some unexplained reason, it seems for some of us, we just know that life here isin't real, and we seek out the "real world" ( even if it means possibly giving up a certain lifestyle")

I thought this was a brilliant, original analogy, until I found this site...

Oh well......

We Are Back...

After a six month hiatus.... we are back!
My last attempt at blogging was cut short due to unforseen circumstances... but im glad to say, im ready to give it another go!
Just a short post tonight, Im on call in the Intensive Care Unit and it's pretty busy and the pager is bound to beep again in the next 10 seconds.

With this Blog I hope to share my experiences as we commence our Aliyah journey. We will G-D willing be making Aliyah 1 year from Pesach and there is much to do and discuss..... here we go ........( again)